Smile Game Builder Tutorial #32: Customizing Assets – Message Windows

In this week’s tutorial, I give some insight into customizing more of the system graphics in Smile Game Builder, specifically message windows. This includes normal message windows, dialogue windows and Continue Reading →

Parallel Events In Smile Game Builder – Part 1

In this new series, I’m going to discuss parallel events in Smile Game Builder: how they work and their relationships with other events on the maps. These are the "Automatically Start (Synchronize and Run Repeatedly)", "Triggered Automatically (1 Time Only)" and "Triggered Automatically (Repeated)" Start Event triggers. Continue Reading →

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #30: Customizing Graphics ("Hidden" System)

This week’s Smile Game Builder tutorial, #30: Customizing Graphics ("Hidden" System), delves into customizing graphics, specifically some of the "hidden" graphics, i.e., those not directly importable via Add Assets. They Continue Reading →