Here are some of the projects I’ve been working on for SMILE GAME BUILDER.

  • The new Hi-Tex Furniture Pack for SMILE GAME BUILDER is on track. It has 3 variations (mahogany, oak and pine) of chairs and tables, comprising 30+ models.
  • The Relationship Sim for SMILE GAME BUILDER is progressing nicely. I’ve been working on the models, their clothing and motions, primarily and expect to continue with this over the next few weeks. Updates soon.
  • The problem with Itch has been resolved, although HOW it was resolved I’m still upset about. The main thing is that I can start putting things up on Itch (if I can get past what they actually did). And they’ll also be available on the online store eventually, as soon as I can fund the proper HTTPS and certificates.

    ¶ I believe I have the certificates sorted and am working on the secure server for the online store.

  • I will also be live-streaming more Let’s Plays, notably Smile Game Builder (and maybe RPG Maker) games more regularly, every Friday, for awhile. And may be other games as well.

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