“Old Ruin” High Quality Assets: Stone Wall Terrain and Rock Object

As part of the ongoing experiments with the "Old Ruin" High Quality Assets, I created two more assets for Smile Game Builder. Except in package title, there’s no real theme yet. It’s been more of an experiment as inspiration strikes. Stone Wall Terrain The first Continue Reading »

“Old Ruins” High Quality Assets Mapset

A while ago (29 October, 2016, to be exact) I posted on Twitter and Facebook that a new high quality SGB mapset was in development. It started more as an experiment than anything else, but I’ve actually been making progress on it, on and off. Continue Reading »

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #19: Player Direction

The focus of this week’s tutorial is Player Direction (a new feature added with v1.0.6.0). Although its main purpose is to create a fully functional Compass HUD using player direction and normal/first-person modes, the tutorial also shows other uses as well (chests/signs and doors).