Smile Game Builder Tutorial #25: Basic Crafting System (Mining)

This week’s Smile Game Builder tutorial is a continuation of last week’s Basic Crafting System (Cooking), this time focusing on Mining. Tutorial Video This is a complete setup with a Mine (for ores) and a Smelter (for ingots) for you to craft weapons, armor or Continue Reading »

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #24: Basic Crafting System (Cooking)

In this tutorial, I’m setting up a basic crafting system, specifically for cooking, using eggs and lemon balm as the ingredients. You need to have a recipe book before you can make anything and, with the correct ingredients, you can create a fried egg, an Continue Reading »

Developing Branneg Guthinol – Further Smile Game Builder Assets Experiments

I couldn’t leave my character Branneg Guthinol alone! Here he is – imported and fully textured – in Blender! The next step is to unwrap his UVs and composite them into something Smile Game Builder can work with. And for the record, this will not Continue Reading »

Meet Branneg Guthinol – A Smile Game Builder Assets Experiment

Branneg Guthinol Branneg Guthinol is another Smile Game Builder asset experiment. I just wanted to see if it worked properly. And it does! He was created using Daz 3D Studio using the model George and wearing the Heracles outfit. The outfit is what inspired his Continue Reading »