Unveiling New Smile Game Builder Game – “Otherworld: Through the Veil”

I’m unveiling my new Smile Game Builder project next month, entitled Otherworld: Through the Veil. It’s a short supernatural thriller and is something I’ve wanted to work on for some time. It’ll contain a lot of the techniques I’ve used in my tutorials. I’ll post Continue Reading »

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #30: Tips & Tricks – Chests (Part 2)

This is a continuation tutorial of my previous Tips & Tricks (#29) video on Chests. Tutorial Video Some of these techniques are simple and straightforward, but (as I mentioned in Part 1) this is intended as a comprehensive guide, based mostly on the Complete Chests Continue Reading »

Smile Game Builder Animation Experiment

This is an experiment with animated graphics sequencing in Smile Game Builder. This is only an 8-frame sequence but it runs really smoothly. I’m quite pleased with the result! I got the fire GIF from somewhere online (can’t remember where exactly) and the fire sound Continue Reading »

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #29: Tips & Tricks (Chests) – Part 1

This Tips & Tricks video is a multi-part tutorial on treasure chests. The aim of this tutorial is to be as comprehensive as possible with as many methods as possible to add some dimension to your games. Video Tutorial It’s mostly based on the Complete Continue Reading »

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #28 – Tips & Tricks (Combat)

This tutorial is mainly for combat, but it includes answers to some of the FAQs and how-to’s to some comments I received. Action Battle System in SGB As mentioned in the video, here’s the link to the ABS Battle System. Get Jacob’s Assets You can Continue Reading »