Below is a list of categories and channels we currently have. More will be added over time, no doubt!

Announcements (4)
  • Announcements (#announcements) – Announcements of new features and changes to SGB Discord.
  • SGB News (#sgb-news) – Get the latest news from SmileBoom’s Twitter feed.
  • SGB Videos (#sgb-videos) – Post SGB videos here, whether it’s game play footage, let’s plays or game trailers.
  • SGB Updates (#sgb-updates – Official updates and patches for SGB.
Community (5)
  • Welcome (#welcome) – New members can introduce themselves here and other members can greet and welcome you. (Please make sure that chat continues in General Chat.)
  • Japanese Chat (#チャット) – Japanese language only chatroom.
  • General Chat (#general-chat) – For all discussions and general chat. Please make sure you follow the rules.
  • Social Media Promotion (#social-media-promotion) – To promote your social media presence (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) with relation to games and gaming, especially if you’re involved with SGB.
  • Storyline Chat (#storyline-chat) – Got writer’s block? Need dialogue or storyline ideas? Just need someone to help you figure out the name of that tavern on the edge of town? We can help.
General Support (4)
  • Suggestions (#suggestions) – Suggestions for the server or Smile Game Builder. All suggestions will be placed on a list and reviewed.
  • Support (#support) – Ask any questions you have about SGB, help on how to do certain things, etc. and if someone knows the answer they can help.
  • Tutorials (#tutorials) – Post your tutorials, including video how-to’s, here.
  • Video Tutorials (#video-tutorials) – Post your video tutorials in this channel.
Assets/Resources (4)
  • Free Assets (#free-assets) – Share links to free SGB resources and assets, whether your own or others. (Make sure you follow the guidelines for sharing.)
  • Paid Assets (#paid-assets) – If you’re selling assets or assets packs, you can post links to them here. (Please don’t spam needlessly.)
  • Useful Software (#useful-software) – Programs or other software useful for creating resources, assets and other things for Smile Game Builder.
  • Commissions (commissions) – Advertise game-related commissioned work and services here. (Again, please don’t spam or abuse this.)
Gallery (4)
  • Gallery (#gallery) – This is for sharing your artwork and projects pictures.
  • Video Gallery (#video-gallery) – Share or showcase videos of your games and game progress.
  • Game Music (#game-music) – Share your game music. I’d recommend using Soundcloud for showcasing it.
  • Game Screenshots (#game-screenshots) – Share screenshots of your games or in-game models.
3D Modeling (4)
  • Blender General Chat (#blender-general-chat) – This is for discussing Blender (widely used for creating models for SGB) in general.
  • Blender Support (#blender-support) – If you have questions about Blender in relation to SGB models, this is the channel to use.
  • Useful Blender Add-Ons (#useful-blender-addons) – There are a number of very useful add-ons for Blender to aid in modeling. Here you can share some you find useful.
  • Blender Models Showcase (#blender-models-showcase) – This is where you can showcase any models you create in Blender for use in SGB.
Unity SGB (3)
  • Unity/SGB Support (#unity-sgb-support) – General support for Unity/SGB.
  • Unity Scripts & Editing (#unity-scripts-and-editing) – In this channel you can share any scripts or edits of SGB games imported into Unity.
  • SGB Unity Exporter (#sgb-unity-exporter) – This is for general support and advice for exporting SGB games to various platforms.
  • SGB Games (4)
    All games in this section must be games created with SMILE GAME BUILDER.
    • Complete Games (#complete-games) – Put links to your completed SMILE GAME BUILDER games here.
    • Games In Development (#games-in-development) – Announce games you’re currently working on, including titles and links (if you have a blog you regularly update). Please don’t post progress reports here, unless it’s a significant version update, of course!
    • Adult Games (#adult-games) – Share your games with adult content or games generally considered as "not suitable for work".
    • Game Testing (#game-testing) – If you need game testers, this channel was created for that purpose, recruiting alpha- and beta-testers and posting links to pre-release versions.

      ¶ Completed games can then be placed in the Complete Games channel.