This is a placeholder for the new RPG Maker Times Online Store, which is in development and will be live as quickly as possible. Hopefully this should be painless, although in my experience it’s not that simple. It might take awhile to fully implement!

Store Contents

  • Smile Game Builder – Assets and asset packs (including the House Pack) and additional materials I create.
  • RPG Maker MV – Plugin commercial licenses.
  • Merchandise – Our new and upcoming range of merchandise.
  • Services – The services we provide, including proof-reading.

To Do List

For a transparent progress update (for anyone who is interested), I’ve compiled this To Do List. Items will be added and removed as progress continues.

  • Create a dedicated store subdomain.
  • Add an SSL Certificate for HTTPS secure server status.
  • Add Products, Merchandise and Services categories.
  • Migrate House Pack info from Itch.
  • Add Mailchimp subscription newsletter for new products/updates.