Smile Game Builder Tutorial #39: Tips and Tricks (Part 5)

This week’s Smile Game Builder video tutorial is another "tips & tricks" video, where I’ve answered some of the how-to questions my commenters have asked. Tutorial Video The topics covered in this tutorial are: Use Mobile Devices as Gamepads I also mentioned in the video Continue Reading »

Smile Game Builder Update v1.7.5.2 – Import OBJ & Terrain Height

Good news for Smile Game Builder users. The latest update is actually a significantly useful one. Importing OBJ You can now import OBJ models instead of just FBX ones. Using OBJ is less proprietary than FBX and more universal. A plethora of programs exist, both Continue Reading »

“Old Ruin” High Quality Assets: Stone Wall Terrain and Rock Object

As part of the ongoing experiments with the "Old Ruin" High Quality Assets, I created two more assets for Smile Game Builder. Except in package title, there’s no real theme yet. It’s been more of an experiment as inspiration strikes. Stone Wall Terrain The first Continue Reading »

“Old Ruins” High Quality Assets Mapset

A while ago (29 October, 2016, to be exact) I posted on Twitter and Facebook that a new high quality SGB mapset was in development. It started more as an experiment than anything else, but I’ve actually been making progress on it, on and off. Continue Reading »

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #13: Time and Date

This tutorial is an overview add-on to the Time and Date function (in the Advanced Variables Option). It demonstrates how you can use and display the local system time in message boxes. Initially, this was intended as a simple calendar system, but due to the Continue Reading »