Smile Game Builder Tutorial #29: Tips & Tricks (Chests) – Part 1

This Tips & Tricks video is a multi-part tutorial on treasure chests. The aim of this tutorial is to be as comprehensive as possible with as many methods as possible to add some dimension to your games. Video Tutorial It’s mostly based on the Complete Continue Reading »

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #16: Relationship System

This tutorial shows how to create a basic relationship system, where the player gives gifts to female NPCs to build "likeability". Each NPC has a "relationship rating", which, when it’s high enough, gives the option for marriage if a rainbow amulet is in the player’s Continue Reading »

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #5 – Characters & Party Members (Part 1)

This is the fifth tutorial in the Smile Game Builder Tutorial series. In this multi-part video, the focus is on characters and party members. Each party member requires an item or condition to join, so Part 1 demonstrates how to set them up using a Continue Reading »